Next Generation Big Data Analytics

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Interactive Dashboards

  • Data DVR – Pause/RW/FF Data
  • Data Quilt – Collaborative user community
  • Data Fusion – Fuse multiple sources together
  1. 1Data Segmentation

    • Search through billions of records
    • Use filters and faceted search to narrow results
    • Replace lengthy/time consuming queries
  2. 4Log Data Analytics

    • Monitor network activity
    • Analyze semi/un/structured data
    • Understand what happened 5 minutes ago
  3. 2Click Stream Analytics

    • Follow user interactions
    • Stream user activity/clicks in real time
    • Understand what content drives retention
  4. 5Sensor/Flow Analytics

    • Geographic Tracking
    • Real-time update of products
    • Identify Asset Location
  5. 3Web & Ad Analytics

    • Track user activity/demographics
    • Use maps to visualize locations
    • Create targeted marketing programs
  6. 6Custom Experience

    • OEM/Internal Deployments
    • Build Custom Visualizations
    • Competitive Advantage

Next Generation Big Data Analytics

Relational Database
Next Generation Databases
Gigabytes > Terabytes
Terabytes > Exabytes
Copy/ETL Data
Native Source Access
Structured Data
Semi/Un/Structured Data
Proprietary Tech Stacks
Pluggable Architecture
Data Models/Schemas
Wide/Long Table Documents
Return Key Analytics
Real Time/Historical Stream Processing

Our state of the artEco-System

Zoomdata Server, Zoomdata User

We Are Designed ForBig Data

By implementing Big Data systems based on Hadoop, businesses are realizing significant operational savings and productivity benefits when it comes to managing large repositories of Structured, Semi-structured and Unstructured data.

Zoomdata's visualization and analytics ecosystem is designed to take advantage of the many benefits that are inherent within Hadoop deployments. For instance:

  • Native Access Support:

    Zoomdata's Cloudera Impala, Amazon Redshift or Facebook Presto connectors allow you to bypass the traditional ETL process and connect to data directly at its source.

  • Search:

    Zoomdata's Cloudera Search, Apache Solr, Elastic Search and Splunk connectors offer users the ability to search through unstructured text and utilize faceted search.

  • Stream Processing Engine:

    Zoomdata's patented Big Data Query technology stream billions of records from a Native Data Source directly to a Zoomdata Users Account.