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Zoomdata makes it easy to embed visual analytics into any application. We built the client side of Zoomdata using highly flexible, modern web technologies including HTML5, JavaScript, WebSockets, and support for CSS. These technologies can meet the demands of virtually any user environment--from web browsers to touch-oriented mobile devices. And with our chart studio, you can create custom visualizations using JavaScript libraries such as D3, Leaflet, NVD3, and more.

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Unlock Insights From Big Data

Big data should deliver big insights. But it doesn’t always work out that way. Unless you have Zoomdata. We provide a simple, intuitive, and collaborative way to visually interact with data to solve business problems. We enable interactive data visualization at any scale—from billions of rows of data to real time streams in less than a second. Our innovative technology accelerates time-to-big-data-insight by removing complexities that prevent traditional BI and analytics application users put the power of big data to use. A modern enterprise needs modern set of analytics - supporting big data and everything else, based on a streaming architecture. This is the era of visual analytics at the speed of thought.

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Unlock Insights from Big Data

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Zoomdata Named Visionary in
Gartner Magic Quadrant

We are proud to debut as a Visionary in the Gartner MQ for BI and Analytics Platforms. We're so excited, we're giving away complimentary copies of the report.

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Zoomdata is the fastest visual analytics for big data. Unlock insights with big data visualization at the speed of thought.


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