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Zoomdata. Modern BI for Modern Data.

Zoomdata founder Justin Langseth explains that as a standalone analytics platform or embedded in other user-facing applications, Zoomdata's modern design and architecture ensure a consistent experience across devices.

Zoomdata is reinventing business intelligence (BI) from the ground up. The company’s high-performance BI engine and visual analytics allow users to discover new opportunities and solve problems that are too big or too hard to solve using conventional BI tools. Zoomdata’s interactive dashboards, native modern data connectors, scalable microservices architecture, and innovations such as Data Sharpening™ make it the ideal front-end for big data, live streaming data, and multi-source analysis. Launched in 2014, Zoomdata holds multiple patents related to streaming data delivery and interactivity. Zoomdata is venture-backed by Accel, Comcast Ventures, Goldman Sachs, NEA and Razor's Edge and its forward-looking global customers include Automation Anywhere, Cielo, and GlaxoSmithKline. 

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About Zoomdata

Zoomdata is reinventing business intelligence for a bigger, faster, and more diverse world. Meet the Zoomdata team here.


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