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Disabling the Real Time Sales Demo Source


The Zoomdata Server installs, by default, a demo data source called Real Time Sales. This data generator simulates real-time data being generated; allowing users to interact with and explore Zoomdata capabilities without the need to connect a data source.

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Figure 2

To remove or disable Zoomdata’s demo data source, you will need to access a file on the Zoomdata Server and add a variable. Step-by-step instructions are provided below.


If you do not need the Real Time Sales demo data sources, you can:

  • Remove Real Time Sales if you have not yet logged into Zoomdata.
  • Disable or remove Real Time Sales if you have already logged into Zoomdata.
    If you choose to disable the demo source, it will be visible and users may still access this source. However, the real-time generation of data is halted.

To remove or disable the demo source, perform the following steps:

  1. Log out of Zoomdata, if you are still in the program and close the browser window.
  2. From your terminal, open a command line session.
  3. Via a command prompt, connect to your Zoomdata Server.
  4. Stop the Zoomdata Server service:
sudo service zoomdata stop
  1. Use the following command to access and open the zoomdata.properties file:
vi /etc/zoomdata/zoomdata.properties
If the .properties file does not exist, this command will create the file.
  1. Add the following variable into the file on a new line. This will disable demo datasource.
  1. Save and exit the .properties file.
  2. Start the Zoomdata Server:
sudo service zoomdata start

Once the Zoomdata Server has successfully restarted, you can open a new browser window and log in. Locate the Real Time Sales demo data source in the sources list. The Delete button will appear in the corresponding column. You can now delete the demo data source.