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The Pie chart type is based on 1 metric and 1 attributes.

This chart type is supported by all data sources.

Figure 1


  1. On the Charts page (for your selected data source), under the Standard tab, select Pie .

Figure 2

  1. Configure the settings as follows:
    Group by - select an attribute;
    Group by Limit - specify the number of attribute items to be displayed on the chart;
    Group by Color Palette -  select the palette that you want to use.
    Display Legend - select this checkbox if you want the legend to be displayed in the chart.
    Group By Sort -  select a metric or the attribute by which the attribute items, you have selected to group by, will be sorted.
    Select the sorting order.
  2. Size - select a metric to de denoted by the segment size.
  3. Specify the name of the chart and add the description.
  4. Click Save .