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Radial Menu

To explore and interact with specific data elements (bars, slices, bubbles, and so on), Zoomdata provides a 'radial menu' that is accessed when selecting an individual element.

Use the radial menu to zoom into the data, filter it, and access additional details about the data.

In our example using the Real Time Sales chart, hover over one of the vertical bars and click on it. The menu will be displayed. It is available for each bar in the chart, that is, for each individual data element, and provides the capability to explore or drill into one specific bar of data.

Figure 1

Details Menu Item

To display additional information about specific data elements, click Details .

Figure 2

In the pop-up window, click Details . Data entries for your selected bar is displayed. Click Expand under each data entry to view all of the available information (which is pulled from the connected data source).

Figure 3

Click Export Raw Data to export your data set to a CSV file.

Zoom Menu Item

Open the radial menu and click Zoom .

Figure 4

The Zoom Into window displays a list of available attributes.

Figure 5

Use it to narrow your search to a specific data element.

If you click Zoom , a new chart will be created.


On your chart you user's income in each state is displayed.

You need to analyze the income of the male and female customers in the selected state.

Figure 6

  1. Click the bar in the selected income group for the state you want to analyze. On the radial menu, click Zoom .
  2. Select User Gender from the list of attributes in the Zoom Into window.

Trend Menu Item

The Trend function enables you to view a trend chart of the selected data element.

Figure 7

Selecting this option lets you view a trend chart for the selected data element. For our example, hover over one of the User Income data elements in the chart and open the radial menu. Click Trend . A Line Trend: Multiple Metrics chart will display showing the trend.

Figure 8

The Trend menu item is not available for the Line and Bars Trend, Line Trend: Attribute Values, and Line Trend: Multiple Metrics chart types

Remove Menu Item

The Remove functionality enables you to exclude the selected data element from your chart.

Figure 9

The following menu items apply on the dashboard level: