Zoomdata Version

Access Saved Dashboards


After logging into Zoomdata Server, the Home page will display. The top section of the Home page titled Favorites (1) displays icons representing the available dashboards that have been saved in the account and are available to the user based on login credentials.

The icons shown below may be replaced by screenshots of the actual dashboards. This feature needs to be set up after installation of the Zoomdata Server for select operating systems: CentOS and Ubuntu OS.

Figure 1

Below the Favorites (saved dashboards) are icons or screenshots of charts for data sources that are available to the user in the account (2).

The first group of dashboards - Favorites - are the dashboards that you have saved or other users have shared. The remaining page displays charts of other data sources that are available in the account.


To access and manage the list of your saved dashboards, you can also click the icon. All the created or shared dashboards will be listed under the Favorites tab.

Figure 2