Zoomdata Version

Access Zoomdata from Your Web Browser

Open a websocket supported web browser (that is, Google Chrome 29+, Firefox 23+, IE 10+ and Safari 6+):

  1. If you have configured your firewall based on instructions above then use the following URL format:
    https:// IP_Address_of_Zoomdata_Server /zoomdata
    Otherwise, use the following URL format:
    https:// IP_Address_of_Zoomdata_Server :8443/zoomdata
    Be sure to replace the IP Address placeholder with the one you obtained in the article Identifying the IP Address .
  2. The browser will issue a warning specifying that the security certificate is not trusted. This warning occurs because the certificate that is deployed is self-signed.  The warning does not appear when deploying your own certificate.   For now, click Proceed anyway .
  3. The first time that you access the login screen, you will be asked to change the passwords for both the Admin and the Supervisor roles. Access the article Admin Roles in Zoomdata for details about administrative roles.

We recommend you log into Zoomdata in the browser using the 'supervisor' credentials first to review all the account-level features available. Then log in as the 'admin' to test the Zoomdata web application - creating users and connecting your data sources . Learn more about exploring and analyzing your data .

By default, the Zoomdata Server is configured to use 8 GB of RAM. You can change this memory allocation by following these steps .

For information about creating charts and dashboards, access the User's Guide .