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Connecting to Twitter

To activate the Twitter real-time stream on a Zoomdata server, perform the following steps:

  1. Log into Zoomdata.
  2. Click the Sources menu item.

Figure 1

  1. Click the Twitter connector icon.
  2. Specify the name of your source and add a description (if desired). Click Next .

Figure 2

  1. On the Twitter Account page, specify the parameters for your Twitter connection.

Select the stream type:
Public Stream - select this option to use streams of public data flowing through Twitter;
User Stream - select this option to use only the stream of data you authorize in Zoomdata. If you have selected this option, specify the data retention time. If you have selected Public stream option, specify the following:

  • Keywords - specify the keywords to narrow your results.
  • Profile language -  specify the language parameters to narrow your results to specific languages. This field accepts only ISO 693-1 codes (two letter language codes).
  • Profile location - specify the locations to narrow your results.
  • Profile Age - enter the age limits to ignore tweets from user accounts that were created after your specified time period. This can help to avoid spam accounts.
  • Data Retention - specify how long you would like to keep the data.
  1. Click Create and then Authorize .
  2. Log in with your credentials and authorize the Zoomdata application.

Figure 3

  1. Once authorized, the Fields page will be displayed.
    Create unique label names, as needed, for each Label field. If necessary, change the Type and Default options, select the checkboxes in the Distinct Count column. Configure Filter Display settings for the required fields.
    Click Next .

Figure 4

  1. On the Charts page, you can:
    • Edit Global Default Settings
    • Select the Standard and, if available, Custom chart styles to be used with the data source
    • Set default parameters  (group-bys, colors, sorting, etc.) for each chart style
    Learn more about how to customize a chart .

Figure 5

  1. ​Click Finish to save your changes.