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Home Screen (Gallery)

After logging into Zoomdata, the Home screen (or Gallery) is displayed. From the Home screen, you can jump into exploring and interacting with your charts and dashboards in a variety of ways. This article covers the different options and features available to you.

When you log in for the first time, 'Quickstart' tutorials are displayed (as shown in Figure 1). Two to three short videos are available (depending on your login privileges) that walk you through:

  • Exploring a Chart
  • Building a Dashboard
  • Connecting Your Data

These are short 60 second videos (with no audio) that provides a quick start to using Zoomdata. To close this help section, click Hide Quickstart .

Figure 1

Figure 2 highlights the navigational options and layout of the Home screen:

  1. Menu icons
  2. Help and log out buttons
  3. Working area

Figure 2

The availability of the elements on the Home page depends on the access rights that were granted to the user role.

Menu Icons

The primary menu options are broken out across the top black bar. The three icons on the left are the following:

  1. - Main menu (hamburger) icon. If you click this icon, a window is displayed containing two tabs: Favorites and Data Sources .
    • Under the Favorites tab, your saved dashboards (and other shared dashboards) are listed. Click the dashboard in the list to navigate to it.
    • Under the Data Sources tab, all the data sources, that you were granted access to, are listed. You can create a new chart based on the selected data source.
  2. - Settings icon (only available for users with editing rights to the data sources). Click this icon and select Sources . The Sources page is displayed. On this page, you can manage your data sources.
  3. - Home icon. Click this icon to return to the Home screen.

Working Area

The working area of the Home page contains the list of available dashboards (Figure 3). Under Favorites (1), all the dashboards that you have created are listed. The rest of the dashboards are grouped by the data source (2).

Figure 3

The Home screen features a Gallery of dashboards (labeled as Favorites ) and data sources that you have access privileges. The thumbnails displayed in the Gallery may be actual actual screenshots of your available datasets. This 'screenshots' feature is an optional feature that your administrator can enable, which lets Zoomdata take periodic snapshots of your saved dashboards and data sources.

If screenshots feature is enabled in your Zoomdata instance and the different chart styles are enabled for a dataset, then you'll see the results as shown in Figure 1. However, if either this feature or certain chart styles (for a dataset) is not enabled then generic icons will be shown instead. Figure 4 shows screenshots for 'Bars', 'Donut', and 'KPI' chart styles, but generic icons for 'Bars: Multiple Metrics', 'Line & Bars Trend', and 'Line Trend: Multiple Metrics' since those styles were probably not enabled for the (Cloudera Search) data source.

Figure 4

Each of the thumbnail is a link to the actual dashboard or chart style, enabling you to quickly jump to your desired chart. In addition, if you want to view all of the available chart styles for a specific data source, then select the View All link across from the data source name. You'll be taken to a screen showing all of the available chart styles for your selected data source.


Besides the Quickstart Tutorials, you can select the Help icon to access documentation and articles available in the Zoomdata Documentation Portal (Internet connection needed to link to this external website). If you have any questions or require assistance from our technical support team, then select the Contact Us option. Figure 5 shows the Help options available to you.

Figure 5

If you need to submit a ticket, be sure to specify the Zoomdata version that you are using. To get this info, click the icon as shown in Figure 6:

Figure 6