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System Requirements

System requirements for deploying Zoomdata on-premise is provided in this article. Zoomdata can be downloaded and installed in different Linux distributions.

Zoomdata can be deployed either on-premise or in the Cloud. To learn about Zoomdata's Cloud deployment options, refer to our Free Trials information page.

The Zoomdata application is accessed using modern-day web browsers that support web socket technology. The following requirements are needed in order to successfully deploy and access the Zoomdata Server in your operating environment. These requirements have been tested and verified to support Zoomdata.

Software Requirements

For Linux deployments, 64-bit Linux-based OS is required. Table 1 shows the Linux distributions supported along with the corresponding minimum supported version. Zoomdata Server also utilizes Java, MongoDB and Spark. Ensure that the appropriate version of these tools are used in the deployment of Zoomdata in your operating environment.

Zoomdata is unable to run on 32-bit OS.
Table 1
Distribution Minimum Supported Version
CentOS v6.5
Red Hat v6.5
Scientific Linux v6.0
Ubuntu 14.0
PostgreSQL v9.5
Java v8
Spark v1.3.1 (v1.5.1 is preferable)

Hardware Requirements

For RPM and Ubuntu installations, the following server specifications are recommended:

  • 64 GB RAM (minimum is 8 GB)
  • 500 GB disk space
  • 16 cores

Network Requirements

These are the routing and firewall settings used by the Zoomdata Server.

Port Source Destination
8443 HTTPS iptables
443 HTTPS requests Zoomdata Port 8443
8080 HTTP

Zoomdata recommends installing the Network Time Protocol daemon (NTPD) to allow for time synchronization of networked servers to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), if not already available in your network. Refer to the article Using the Network Time Protocol to Synchronize Time for guidance.


Windows 7+

  • Chrome 29+ (recommended)
  • Firefox 23+
  • Internet Explorer 10+

Mac OSX+

  • Chrome 29+ (recommended)
  • Firefox 23+
  • Safari 6.1+

iOS 6+ on iPad

  • Embedded Safari Browser
Zoomdata requires the use of web browsers that supports websockets. Access caniuse.com to check whether your web browser supports web socket technology.


To install and use the optional screenshot feature for the Home screen visual gallery, you will need to install Firefox v38.5.0 and the Xvfb file. For information about this feature and installation steps, refer to the article Setting Up the Screenshot Feature for either RPM or Ubuntu .