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Welcome to the Zoomdata Knowledge Base

Zoomdata is a visual analytics application specifically built to help you consume and interact with modern Big Data technologies (Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, search indexes, streaming sources and NoSQL data stores). At the same time, you can connect to traditional relational databases and popular cloud applications (from Oracle and MySQL to Google Analytics and Salesforce). This Knowledge Base provides you the guidance and resources for (1) installing, deploying, and configuring your Zoomdata instance and (2) visualizing your data to tell your story.

Access the Free Trials page to learn about the different deployment options available to you.

New to Zoomdata?


Access (1) a Quick Start Reference Sheet for Users to get started, (2) connect to data sources (3) create a chart, (4) build a dashboard, and (5) create calculations.


Access the reference sheet to get started quickly with your Zoomdata setup. Get help with a new Zoomdata install or upgrade your existing instance. Learn about (1) system requirements, (2) prerequisites and (3) configuration options for the Zoomdata Server. After Zoomdata has been deployed, learn how to (1) manage users and set access privileges, (2) set up security protocols (LDAP, Single Sign-On) and (3) customize the user interface.


Access our Developer Resources to customize Zoomdata, create a custom chart, and embed within your organization's app or portal.

Access the Free Trials page to view demos of Zoomdata in action or try out how Zoomdata visualizes and interacts with data.