Zoomdata Version

Accessing Zoomdata

The administrator in your organization will provide login information and, if needed, credentials to access Zoomdata.

Zoomdata supports single sign-on so that login credentials may not be needed. For any questions, contact your organization's administrator.


Once you have your Zoomdata access information, enter your credentials (username and password) on the login screen (as shown in Figure 1).

Figure 1

If this is your first time accessing Zoomdata, you may be asked to change a password (as shown in Figure 2). Again, this is determined by your organization's administrator. For any questions or issues, contact your administrator.

Figure 2

If your organization has enabled single sign-on for Zoomdata, just click the Login button (Figure 3). However, you still have the option to log into Zoomdata using standard authentication (username and password). To select this method for logging in, select the Show Zoomdata Authentication checkbox. The standard login screen will display.

Figure 3


After successful login, you are taken to the Home screen (or Gallery). Access the article Home Screen (Gallery) for details about exploring and using this resource.

Switching Accounts

You can be assigned to multiple accounts with different roles. To switch between your accounts, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the icon.
  2. In the account details window, select the account from the Current account list.

Figure 4


You can log out of Zoomdata at any time.  Remember to save your work before exiting. Click the icon and click Logout .