Zoomdata Version

API Changelog



  • Visualization variables have been updated to be fully JSON compliant. In-depth documentation is forthcoming.
    This improvement to visualization variables will require limited but important reconfiguration in custom and third-party web apps built using a version of Zoomdata prior to v2.4.
  • New connection-related endpoints have been added to Zoomdata's REST API offerings. For more information about using them, see Managing Connectors with REST APIs .
  • The new Connector Development Kit is available by request. It helps developers create Zoomdata connectors to connect Zoomdata to any data store. For more information, email customer support .


  • The Embedding API had a bug that prevented labels and grids from properly displaying in some embedded charts. This bug has been fixed as of v2.4.4.


  • Query API upgraded to include pivot queries, along with grouped queries and ungrouped (field) queries. Backward compatibility is maintained. Documentation is forthcoming.