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Changing the Default Configuration for an Embedded Spark Server

By default, Zoomdata establishes a Spark service along with an embedded Spark instance with a small configuration size (that is, with a minimum amount of memory and core usage) during the installation process.

Due to the minimal setup configuration, the embedded Spark Server is best used for demo, testing and evaluation purposes only, using smaller sized datasets.

If needed, you have the capability to edit this default configuration. This article walks through how to change the default parameters for the local instance of Spark. Keep in mind that any configuration you set should not exceed the specifications of the machine where Zoomdata resides (in terms of available memory and cores available).

Zoomdata uses a Spark service which handles the requests from users that are sent from the Zoomdata service. This data flow is illustrated in Figure 1.

Figure 1

  • The Spark service with an embedded Spark Server runs Spark v1.5.1.

Default Configuration for the Embedded Spark Server

By default, Zoomdata sets up the embedded Spark instance with the following configuration:

  • 3 GB of RAM
  • Access to all the available cores on the machine where Zoomdata runs

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