Zoomdata Version

Configuring Google Analytics


You need to complete the following tasks before you start configuring the connector:

  1. Create a project in your Google Analytics developer account . When a project is created, click its name in the projects table.
  2. On the API Manager page, click Enable API .

Figure 1

  1. On the Google APIs page, in the Other popular APIs section, select Analytics API .

Figure 2

  1. Create new client ID. To do this, in the left pane, click Credentials . After this, in the Credentials list, select OAuth client ID . For application type, select Web Application .

Figure 3

  1. Specify the name.
  2. In the Authorized Javascript origins field, specify the URLs to the environments, which you want to connect to.
  3. In the Authorized redirect URIs field, specify URI, that consists of the address of your environment and the /oauth/connection/callback/GOOGLE_ANALYTICS part. Keep in mind that URI it cannot be a public IP address.
    For example:

https://env.zoomdata.com:443/zoomdata /oauth/connection/callback/GOOGLE_ANALYTICS

  1. Click Create .
  2. The client ID for your app is created and Client ID and Client Secret is generated.