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Configuring Key and Value Settings

Zoomdata administrators may use the supervisor credential to manage certain settings (or server level variables) in Zoomdata. Essentially, as the supervisor, you can toggle variables and determine whether they are available to admins and users. This capability is handled from the Advanced menu, in the Key-Value Store .

Figure 1

As shown in Figure 1, variables that can be toggled include:

  • Ability for users to switch accounts they are assigned to
  • Availability to share using iFrames
  • Micro-query capability for a data source
  • Ability to set attribute-level security
  • Display certain messages in the program
  • Disable or enable the time bar's animated indicator for live data sources (such as Twitter and Kinesis)
  • Access to a new prototype custom chart template in the Chart Studio (tornado chart)
With Zoomdata v2.5, the ability to toggle connector variables has been moved to the dedicated Connectors page. See Managing Connector Services for more information.

To add a new key-value pair, log in as supervisor and click the Advanced tab. The Server Level Variables page listing all the key-value pairs are displayed.

To add a key-value pair, click Add and specify the key and its value in the corresponding fields. Click Save .

Below is the list of key-value pairs supported in Zoomdata.

Key Value Description
account-switching-allowed true/false By default, the value is set to true. Enable or disable the ability for the user to switch between active accounts.
If disabled, the users won't be able to switch between the accounts that they have been added to.
iframes true/false Enable this option to allow users to share code that embeds Zoomdata in an iFrame.
microquery-SOURCE_TYPE true/false

Toggle the sharpening capability for the specified source type.

For example, microquery-ORACLE=false will disable sharpening for all Oracle sources.

security-attribute-level true/false By default this option is enabled. Therefore, you can configure the fields from the specific data source to be available or hidden for a user group. This functionality is available from the Manual configuration tab on the Groups page.
show-accountMessage-on-home-page true/false By default is true. Enable or disable displaying the welcome message on the Home page .
If the user is added to multiple accounts and the ​account switching is allowed, the Change Account link will also be available providing the possibility to switch the accounts.
If disabled, the welcome message won't be displayed.
show-administer-column true/false By default, the value is set to false. Setting the value to TRUE enables the Administrator function for supervisors.
show-dashboard-saving-prompt-message true/false By default, this option is enabled. Toggles a message reminder when changes to a dashboard have not been saved.
show-live-data-animation true/false By default, the value is set to true. Disable or enable the animated indicator on the time bar for live data sources.
show-new-home-page true/false By default, the value is set to false. Disable or enable the new homepage design.
show-tornado-chart true/false By default, the value is set to false. Disable or enable the ability to create a custom chart based on the tornado chart style.

To delete a key-value pair, click the button for the required item.