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Connecting to Data

Zoomdata was built from the ground up for Big Data, connecting to modern databases including Hadoop, Search, Streaming, and NoSQL using native APIs. Zoomdata's modern data architecture also connects with traditional sources like SQL-based stores. Queries are taken directly to the data. Data is not moved to some other data store. Zoomdata's 'Smart Connectors' leverage unique processing in each data framework:

  1. Search facets
  2. Impala partitions
  3. Data streams

Review the Data Sources Quick Reference Sheet to understand the capabilities and limitations of Zoomdata's connectors.

Learn about how Zoomdata caches the data . In addition, Zoomdata supports any valid date and time formats, including the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 8601 standard. Access the Date and Time Formats Supported By Zoomdata article for details.

To walkthrough the process of connecting your data source to Zoomdata, refer to the article Source Connection Workflow . To review the options available to you from the Data Source page, review the article Overview of the Data Sources Page . Or access any of the connectors listed below to get connection instructions with the data source of your choice.

Big Data Flat Files Streaming Data RDBMS Data Search Rest API MPP Fusion