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Managing the Upload API as a Streaming Source

Zoomdata supports live streaming sources via its Upload API data connector. However, keep in mind that this source requires a storage medium for the incoming data flow. Zoomdata utilizes MongoDB to handle the caching of the data.


If you upgraded from Zoomdata v2.2 or earlier, then MongoDB already exists in your Zoomdata environment and no additional setup is necessary. If Zoomdata v2.5 is a new installation and you do not already have MongoDB in your network environment, then review this article to install and setup MongoDB.

The Zoomdata Administrator needs administrator level access to the Linux environment in order to access and set up MongoDB along with the necessary parameters in the Zoomdata property file.

If you do not have MongoDB in your network environment, then you will first need to download and install MongoDB to your server. Refer to the MongoDB Install documentation .

Setup Process

To set up and enable Zoomdata to support your streaming source, you first need to add the MongoDB parameters to the zoomdata.properties file. To do this, the Zoomdata Administrator needs to stop the Zoomdata Client and access the Linux prompt.

  1. Log out of the Zoomdata Client and close the browser window.
  2. Access the Linux prompt and log into your Zoomdata Server (via Secure Shell or SSH).
  3. Stop the Zoomdata Server.
   sudo service zoomdata stop
  1. Navigate to and open the properties file:
   vi /etc/zoomdata/zoomdata.properties
  • If you are not logged in as a root user, then you to need to enter sudo vi /etc/zoomdata/zoomdata.properties in order to create the file.
  • If the file does not exist, this command creates it.
  • Make sure the file is readable by the zoomdata service account
  1. Add the following parameters into the file:
   # MongoDb parameters
zoomdata.db.host= yourHostIP:PortAddress
zoomdata.db.password= MongoDB_User's_Password
  • yourHostIP and PortAddress : enter your MongoDB's connection information
  • MongoDB_Name : enter the space in MongoDB where data for streaming sources will be stored
  • MongoDB_Username : if needed, otherwise there is no need to include this parameter
  • MongoDB_User's_Password : if needed, otherwise there is no need to include this parameter
  1. Save and exit the configuration file.
  2. Restart the Zoomdata Server.
sudo service zoomdata restart

Disable the Streaming Data Source

To disable the streaming source, do the following:

  • Log in using the Supervisor credential

  • Select the Connectors tab

  • In the Connectors section, locate Upload API in the Connector column

  • Clear the box in the Enabled column (as shown in Figure 4) for the desired connector type