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Line Trend: Attribute Values

The Line Trend: Attribute Values chart type is based on one metric, one attribute and one time attribute.

This chart type is supported by all the data sources except Cloudera Search . It is supported by Solr v5.2 and higher.

You can use the Line Trend: Attribute Values chart type to view the trends over selected period of time.

Figure 1


  1. On the Charts page (for your selected data source), under the Standard tab, select Line Trend: Attribute Values .

Figure 2

  1. Configure the settings as follows:
    For the first (parent) attribute, specify:

    • Group - select the attribute, whose trend you want to track.
    • Group Limit - specify the max number of attributes to be displayed on the chart.
    • Group Color Palette - select the color palette.
    • Select the Display Legend checkbox to display the legend on your chart.
    • Group Sort - select the parameter by which the attributes will be sorted.
      Select the sorting order.

For the trend attribute, specify:

  • Trend Attribute - select the time attribute and time granularity.
  • Trend Attribute Limit - specify the max number of attributes to be displayed on the chart.
  • Trend Attribute Sort​ - displays the time parameter by which the attributes will be sorted. Select the sorting order: reverse chronological or chronological.

For the metric, specify:

  • Y axis - select the metric from the list; select the function if needed.
  1. Specify the name of the chart and add the description.
  2. Click Save .


To view your chart, do the following:

  1. Click the menu icon.
  2. Click Data Sources and select the required data source.
  3. Select Line Trend: Attributes Values . The chart is displayed.

You can now explore and interact with your dataset.

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