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Map: World Countries

The Map: World Countries chart style is based on one attribute (Country Name) and two metrics. Therefore, your dataset must include Country names in order for the map to visualize results.

See the list of world countries attached.

Figure 1


  1. On the Charts page (for your selected data source), under the Standard tab, select Map: World Countries .

Figure 2

  1. To ensure that the map visualizes your dataset, set the Country field to the Country column in your dataset.
  2. Configure the settings as follows:
  • Country Limit :  set the number of displayed countries.
  • Country Sort : select the attribute or a metric and the sorting mode.
  • Volume : select a metric.
  • Color : select a metric to be denoted by colors. Configure the color settings.
  • Tile Provider : select the tile provider. For MapQuest, MapBox, and CloudMade tile providers, specify the Tile Provider API Key .
Direct tile access to MapQuest legacy maps has been discontinued since July 11, 2016. Refer to MapQuest documentation for more information.
  1. Specify the chart name and add the description.
  2. Click Save .


To view your chart, do the following:

  1. Click the menu icon.
  2. Click Data Sources and select the desired data source.
  3. Select Map: World Countries. The chart is displayed.

You can now explore and interact with your dataset using the zoom function on the map and the left menu options.

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