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Overview of the Dashboard Canvas

When you have created an initial chart in Zoomdata, you can save it as a dashboard . After this, you can develop your dashboard by adding new charts either from the same data source or from different ones.

Zoomdata enables you to work with the data on your dashboard at two levels:

  • the dashboard level - using the dashboard tools
  • the chart level - using the tools available for the selected (active) chart on your dashboard.

Additionally, you can design your dashboard by resizing and moving charts to your needs. When you have configured the dashboard, you can share it with other users or export it to various file formats. You can also link a dashboard to another dashboard to analyze your data.

This article provides an overview of the dashboard canvas and the tools you can use to manage your dashboard.


The following tools are used to manage your dashboard:

Figure 1

Table 1 below explains the function of each tool:

Table 1
Tool use to
Save a dashboard
Share a dashboard
Add a chart
View information about the dashboard
Filter data for all charts on the dashboard
Export a dashboard
Link a dashboard


This tool works on the chart level.

Analyze a specific data element

You can also use the time bar to show a specific timeframe for the selected chart.

Figure 2