Zoomdata Version

Post Installation Options

After the Zoomdata environment has been installed in your server, the following configuration options are available to you:

If you need to: See:
Add an SSL Certificate Adding an SSL Certificate to the Zoomdata Server
Disable SSL Disabling SSL in Zoomdata
Configure Zoomdata memory settings Configuring Zoomdata Memory Settings
Edit the default SparkIt settings* Changing the Default Configuration for an Embedded Spark Server
View thumbnails of saved dashboards on the homepage Setting up the Screenshot function (available for CentOS and Ubuntu environments)
Edit the default SparkIt settings* Enabling the Real Time Sales Demo Source
*SparkIt must be enabled in order to connect to and use certain data sources including S3 and HDFS as well as Cloud-based sources (Google Analytics, HDFS, Marketo, S3, Salesforce, SendGrid and Zendesk).