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Use the Radial Menu

The radial menu enables you to explore data elements on your dashboard.

To access the radial menu and analyze the required data element, click the desired chart segment on your dashboard. The radial menu is displayed.

Figure 1

Part of the menu items are applied on the chart level, while the remaining ones are used for the dashboard.

The following menu items apply on the chart level:

The menu items listed below apply on the dashboard level. If you have other charts linked to the dashboard, then a Link option is also available from the Radial menu.

Filter Menu Item

The Filter function applies a filter based on the data that you have selected across multiple charts.

Figure 2

To apply this filter, click the data segment on your chart. In the dialog box, select the charts on your dashboard to which you want to apply the filter by the selected attribute.

Figure 3

You can filter by the selected attribute only the data on the charts from the same data source.

Filter All menu Item

The Filter All function enables you to filter all charts in the dashboard (that are from the same source) using your selected attribute.

Figure 4

Unfilter All Menu Item

The Unf ilter All function reverts the Filter All action.

Figure 5

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