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Zoomdata v2.5 Software Maintenance Release Notes

These release notes cover all changes and fixes made to Zoomdata release v2.5. Issues have been resolved, tested, and verified as fixed. These updates have been packaged and is released as v2.5.3 (as shown on Login screen). You can also view the Release Notes for v2.5 .


Charts and Dashboards

  • Fixed an issue where the sequence of charts in a dashboard could not be saved.
  • Addressed an error with Maps: US Regions chart type where data for a county with one or more space in its name would not be displayed.
  • Corrected problems with the Raw Data Table:
  • Inability to update properly when multiple fields were removed in rapid succession
  • Minor cosmetic changes related to the display of text and icons
  • Improved scrolling ability for iPads
  • Resolved a bug with the ‘Details’ menu for charts where selecting to display the data in a Raw Data Table resulted in time-based filters being applied incorrectly.

Data Connectivity

Starting with v2.5.3, JDBC drivers for the following data sources will no longer be included as part of the installation package:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MemSQL
  • MySQL
  • Redshift
  • Teradata
  • Aurora

This means that:

  • For new customers wishing to connect Zoomdata to any of these particular data sources, a manual configuration is needed to add the required JDBC driver. The connector then needs to be enabled before it will display in Zoomdata’s data source page. For JDBC configuration instructions, refer to the article Adding a JDBC Driver.
  • For existing customers using one of these particular data sources, the connector will no longer be available from the data sources page. The JDBC driver first needs to be added and configured. The connector can then be enabled and made available in the data source page.
  • Resolved an issue where charts using a SQL-based connector could not be grouped by attribute fields where the column in the underlying data source is of Longtext type.

  • Fixed an error with the Upload API connector where data would not be successfully uploaded when the field names contained either spaces or started with a capital letter.

  • Security Improvements were made to the Zoomdata data sources.

  • Addressed a bug that occurred when uploading a CSV file in to Zoomdata that showed the data as undefined, instead of a preview of the actual data.

Menus and Navigation

  • Addressed bugs affecting the homepage:
    • Refreshing the homepage caused it to freeze
    • Navigational errors when using the browser’s back button
  • Made cosmetic changes to the search bar in the application to ensure consistency of style and format.
  • Addressed an error with the Hamburger menu that caused that side panel of the menu to not display properly when custom headers and footers were applied to that account.


  • Resolved an issue related to SAML users losing their configured group permissions upon login.
  • Fixed a bug related to ‘Groups’ where setting field limits caused navigational freezes when trying to move between the homepage and saved dashboards.


  • Corrected an error that occurred with the migration tool for scheduled jobs with a status of ‘In Progress’.


Charts and Dashboards

  • Fixed an issue with changing the color palette for a chart in a dashboard. When the chart is maximized, the color palette change would not take effect.
  • Resolved an error with the time bar where playback controls were accessible even when the set time granularity did not support playback.

Data Connectivity

  • Addressed problems related to Zoomdata’s Fusion capability:
    • Charts would not render when visualizing a Fusion data source that was fused using a time field.
    • The Fields page did not display ‘All Other Sources Fields’ section correctly.
  • Corrected an error with the Impala data source where changing the partition status for a time field could not be saved.
  • Resolved minor cosmetic issues related to the display of text and icons in the data sources main page when using Internet Explorer.


  • Resolved an interaction error between calculations and pivot tables where edits made to the formula did not automatically take effect in the resulting table.

Menus and Navigation

  • Fixed minor bugs on the homepage:
    • The sorting function did not work correctly.
    • Labels for charts did not display properly.

Administration and Security

  • Resolved an issue related to the management of ‘admin’ roles in Zoomdata where deleting the original admin user caused an error to occur on the login screen.

Zoomdata Server

  • Improved how Zoomdata manages the connector servers to ensure that an error with one service does not affect other services.


  • Addressed a problem with upgrading Zoomdata from version 2.2 to 2.5.



Charts and Dashboards

  • Fixed the following issues when using Zoomdata in Microsoft Surface devices using Internet Explorer 11:
    • The Radial Menu’s Details option could not be opened.
    • Dashboards on the home page could not be opened immediately after using the browser’s ‘Back’ button.
  • Corrected a problem related to pivot tables and using the time-based filter setting - ‘Include Blanks’ (fields). If you changed the chart style, this filter setting did not carry over.
  • Addressed an issue related to Zoomdata’s iFrame embedding feature on the user interface not working with the Safari web browser.

Menus and Navigation

  • Resolved minor cosmetic issues related to text and icon alignments in home page and menu listings.
  • Improved the user experience when navigating away from unsaved charts and dashboards by providing consistent messaging to save your work.
  • Improved the user interaction experience with Touch devices (such as the iPad) and the home page. When displaying the dashboards on the home page in the list view:
    • Tapping a row selects the dashboard and displays a thumbnail.
    • Tapping a row twice opens the dashboard.
    • Selecting the dashboard link directly opens the dashboard.

Administration and Security

  • Enhancements were made to the secure handling of the User Attribute Passthrough (UAP) functionality.
  • Addressed an error in Users and Groups where providing the minimum number of valid characters for a username still showed as invalid entry.