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Zoomdata's Embedded Spark Server

As part of the Zoomdata installation process, an Embedded Spark Server is set up. This Embedded Spark Server executes analytical queries and handles resultset caching (see Figure 1).

Figure 1

The Embedded Spark Server runs Spark v1.5.1.

The Zoomdata Server dedicates about 60% of its memory allocation to the Embedded Spark Server. Refer to the article Configuring Zoomdata's Memory Settings for instructions on changing or increasing the memory allocated to the Zoomdata server. Also note that by default the Embedded Spark Server has access to all the available cores allocated to the Zoomdata server.

Optionally, a utility is available in Zoomdata's Github space that may help you set up memory allocation for the Zoomdata Server.

If you need assistance with sizing your Zoomdata instance, contact Zoomdata Application Support.

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