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  • Managing Hive on Tez Connectors

    Zoomdata supports Hive versions 1.1.0 - 1.2.1. In addition, the supported driver version is 0.13.1 and 0.14 .

    The table below lists information on the features that are supported by Hive on Tez.

    Supports Distinct Count? Yes
    Supports Group-by Time? Yes
    Supports Multi Group-by Charts? Yes
    Supports Histogram? Yes
    Supports Box Plot? Yes
    Supports Derived Fields? Yes
    Custom SQL Capable? Yes
    Live Mode & Playback Yes
    Supports Last Value? Yes
    Supports Partition? Yes

    Managing you hive on tez CONNECTIONs

    In order to establish a connection to a Hive connector, you need to specify a JDBC url.

    • Specify the JDBC URL. If authentication has been set up, provide the User Name and Password.
    • If required, specify the Hive/YARN queue name in the Queue Name field.
    • Specify the server timezone. If the timezone of your Hive server is in UTC, leave the Server Timezone field blank. Otherwise, specify the timezone abbreviation in all caps for correct handling the time data. For example, EST, EDT, CST, and so on.

    The Tables page lets you select the schema and collection to connect with and provides a preview of the selected table. In addition, caching options and toggling the availability of the fields can be done on this page.

    Chart settings for Hive on Tez

    On the Charts page, you can:

    1. Edit Global Default Settings
    2. Select the Standard and, if available, Custom chart styles to be used with the data source
    3. Set default parameters (group, sub-group, colors, sorting, and so on) for each chart style
    Learn more about how to customize a chart .

    Select Finish to save your changes. Once your data connection has been established, it is listed under My Data Sources.


    Issue: If you run into a warning message that is displayed when you try to open a dashboard based on a Hive on Tez data source, access this troubleshooting article to resolve.

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