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Managing MongoDB Connectors

In Zoomdata, the MongoDB connector is enabled by default and supports SSL. The following versions of MongoDB are supported:

  • 2.6.x - 3.4.x

Mongo supports the following:

Supports Distinct Count? Yes
Supports Group-by Time? Yes
Supports Multi Group-by Charts? Yes
Supports Histogram? No
Supports Box Plot? No
Supports Derived Fields? No
Custom SQL Capable? No
Live Mode & Playback Yes
Supports Last Value? No


Chart Settings for MongoDB

On the Charts page, you can:

  1. Edit Global Default Settings .
  2. Select the Standard and, if available, Custom chart styles to be used with the data source.
  3. Set default parameters (group, sub-group, colors, sorting, and so on) for each chart style.

Select Finish to save your changes. Once your data connection has been established, it is listed under My Data Sources section.

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