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Using Row-Level Filters

You can use row-level filters to view specific details about your data source fields.

Creating a Row-Level Filter

In this example, you want to search for purchases ( product category) made by male customers in Los Angeles.

To create the row-level filter:

  1. From the left rail menu, select Filters.
  2. Select Add New Filter. By default, Row Level is select.
  3. From the list of attributes, select City.
  4. Ensure Include is selected.
  5. Find and select Los Angeles from the list of available attributes.
  6. Select Apply. Your filter is now displayed under Active Filters for your visualization.
  7. Next, you need to add a filter to see the product purchases made by men. To get started, select Add New Filter.
  8. Select the User Gender attribute from the list.
  9. On the next page, select Male, then select Apply.
  10. From your chart, select Group and then select Product Category from the list.

  11. Filters are not saved automatically. To save your filter, select Save. If you want to share your filter, check the box labeled Share this Filter Set with my colleagues. This shares the filter with other users when they view dashboards created using that same source.

Editing a Saved Filter

You can edit the filters that you have saved, as well as the filters shared with you by other users. When adding a new filter, you can also use the saved filters to be combined with the selected attributes or metrics that you want to filter by.

Consider the following example. You need to view on your chart the amount of actual sales for male customers in Los Angeles.

To edit the saved filter:

  1. From the left rail menu, select Filters.
  2. Select the saved Male Users/Los Angeles filter.
  3. Select Add New Filter and from the available attributes, select Actual Sales.
  4. If you use metrics as a filter, you can set the range of items that you want to view or select a comparison operator.
  5. Select Apply and then Save to make your changes permanent.

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