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Access Zoomdata from Your Web Browser

Open a WebSocket-supported web browser.

Refer to the Supported Browsers article for a list of WebSocket-supported web browsers.
  1. If you have configured your firewall based on instructions above then use the following URL format:


    Otherwise, use the following URL format:


    Be sure to replace the IP address placeholder with the one you obtained when you identified your IP address.

    If you receive a message indicating that Zoomdata is not accessible yet, it may not have completed its setup yet. Please wait a few minutes before trying again or opening a Support ticket. If you continue to have issues accessing Zoomdata from your browser, select the Support button on this page to open a ticket with Zoomdata Technical Support.
  2. The browser issues a warning specifying that the security certificate is not trusted. This warning occurs because the certificate that is deployed is self-signed. The warning does not appear when deploying your own certificate. For now, select Proceed anyway .
  3. The first time that you access the Login screen, you are asked to change the passwords for both the Admin and the Supervisor roles. See Admin Roles in Zoomdata for more details.

Post Installation Options

After Zoomdata has been installed, there are some post installation options available to you.

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