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Address intermittent or frequent skyrocket disconnects in Zoomdata


When experiencing intermittent or frequent WebSocket disconnects in Zoomdata, check for the following:

  • What version of Zoomdata you are using? Consider upgrading to the latest available Zoomdata version. There have been various fixes and improvements to WebSocket behavior implemented that may address your issue.
  • Follow-up with your network or IT team to verify if the issue may be network-related. For example, traffic between Zoomdata and your end users may be getting rerouted or there could be some other network configuration that is causing WebSocket timeouts to occur in your environment on a frequent or regular basis.
  • Check if there are any other applications (e.g. antivirus) that might be trying to block WebSocket sessions from establishing.
  • Are these WebSocket disconnects only occurring in Zoomdata or can these WebSocket disconnects be observed by the end-user when using other applications from the same browser machine?
  • If you are using a load balancer with Zoomdata, consider the following:
    • Review your load balancer configuration to determine what the default session or WebSocket timeout value is for your environment. Increase the timeout value if needed. For example, in the Configuring Zoomdata Behind A Load Balancer article, our default SAML w/ HAProxy configuration (step 2) will set this value to 18000 seconds.
    • Your load balancer may not support protocol changes (HTTP/101), such as AWS ELB. The Zoomdata application, which uses a combination of HTTP, REST services, and WebSockets, requires a load balancer that supports protocol switching. In this case, consider using an alternative load balancer that supports protocol changes or configure it to function as a Layer-3 proxy if possible. If you are using ELB, you might find this blog post informative and a good starting point.
    • If you are using HAProxy v1.5 or newer , please verify what your configured timeout setting value is for tunnel mode as it will override other server or client timeout settings. Thus, if set to a low value, this setting can cause frequent WebSocket disconnects to occur. For more information about tunnel mode, refer to the HAProxy documentation.
By default, the session timeout for the Zoomdata server is 30 minutes. If users are idle for extended periods of time, the existing WebSocket connections will timeout and this is expected behavior.

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