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Available Metric Functions

Zoomdata provides a set of metric functions out of the box. When using metric values for grouped (aggregated) data, the metric values must be passed through a function. For example, given the raw data:

Name Sex Age
Johnny Male 10
Adam Male 12
Sarah Female 11
Jenny Female 13

an aggregation of the data based on sex yields necessarily combines the ages of the people. You must specify a function to decide how this aggregation proceeds:

Sex Age (Average)
Male 11
Female 12

Zoomdata provides the following metric functions.

  • min returns the lowest value in a range
  • max returns the highest value in a range
  • avg returns the average value of a range
  • sum returns the sum total value of a range
  • calc returns the value of a custom calculation upon a range
  • distinct_count returns the number of distinct values in a range
  • last_value returns the last value in a range
  • percentiles returns percentile value of a range as part of the whole. It is only available in charts that use box plot charts. Box plot charts are supported only for certain data sources. For a list of data sources that support box plot charts, see Data Sources Quick Reference Sheet .

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