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Axes Labels

Use the axes labels to change the metric and attribute values that are displayed on your chart. The number of labels that are displayed on the chart canvas depend on the number of metrics and attributes on which the chart is based.

For most chart styles there are labels for the X and Y axes.

You can specify the default metrics and attributes for your chart when configuring settings for your data source by simply accessing the Charts page. A shortcut to the data source settings is available from the chart canvas - click Defaults on the Left Rail Menu and make the corresponding changes on the Charts page for a data source .

Changing the attribute

  1. Click the attribute label on your chart.
  2. Select the new attribute to be visualized from the Group pop-up dialog.
    Note that time attributes are listed in their own category on the Group pop-up dialog.

The chart is updated and renders the newly selected attribute.


  1. Click the metric label on your chart.
  2. From the pop-up pane, select from the available metrics.

The chart is updated and renders the newly selected metric. If you need to perform more complex analysis of your data set, you can add calculations .

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