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Changing the Chart Type

After creating an initial chart or dashboard, you can change the chart style within the canvas. Based on the data source you are using, certain chart styles may not be available.

From the chart style menu, you can also change fonts and styling for your chart. All chart styles allow you to change the fonts, but only some chart styles allow you to edit the bar labels. With bar chart styles, you can also change various settings such as the orientation, groupings, and style of the bars.

To change the chart type

  1. Select the Chart Style menu.
  2. In the Chart Style pane, select the chart type category (1) and select the chart type (2) you want to use.
  3. If you want to change the fonts of the chart, select Fonts.
  4. Select the section you want to modify, Title or Bar Labels, and make your changes.

To change the settings for Bar chart styles

  1. Select the orientation for the chart:
    • Vertical
    • Horizontal
  2. Next, select a style of bars for the sub group :
    • Plain Bar Chart (the Group 2 filtering option is not available for this style)
    • Clustered Chart
    • Stacked Chart
    • Stacked Chart 100%
  3. If you want to change the thickness of the bars, you can change this under Style.
  4. If you want to show the values of your data, you have the following options :
  • Absolute - select this checkbox to view the absolute value of the bar
  • Relative - select this checkbox to view the relative value of the bar (in %)
  • Attribute Names - this option is enabled by default. As a result, each bar is labeled by the attribute name

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