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Common Considerations for Building a Connector

Before you build a connector, you should conduct an analysis to understand:

  • capabilities of the data store to which it connects
  • determine which capabilities it will provide to Zoomdata

The following questions are examples to be considered when developing a connector.

  • Does the data store use collections or collection-like structures?
  • How well do the structures of the data store map to Zoomdata's data structure?
  • What are all the data types and how do they relate to Zoomdata types?
  • Which Zoomdata features could be supported by the data store? For more information about Zoomdata features that rely upon connector compatibility, see the Feature Keys potentially supported by data stores. For example, does the data store support indexed or partitioned time fields? Zoomdata can use those for "replaying" data in time order.
  • What parameters would someone need to connect to the data store? For instance, does a JDBC URL suffice?
  • What is the security model for the data store?
  • Does the data store support materialized views, projections, or other structures a user might try to query?
  • What are other unique features of the data store for which you need to account in development?

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