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Configuring Presto

The section below contains the outline of the steps that you have to perform in order to install and configure the Presto connector. For more details refer to the corresponding Presto documentation.

Before you can connect to your Cassandra database, you need to install and configure Presto connector.

The section below describes the required steps.

  1. Install Presto v0.132. Refer to Presto's documentation Installing Presto for more details.
  2. Configure the Presto Server. Refer to Presto's documentation Configuring Presto for more details.
  3. Make sure that the following files are available in the presto-server-0.132/etc folder:
  • config.properties
  • node.properties
  • jvm.config
  • log.properties
  1. Configure Presto for Cassandra. Refer to Presto's documentation covering the Cassandra Connector for more details.

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