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Connector Best Practices and Advisories

This document contains advisory notices as the need for them becomes apparent. It also contains general best practices.

Advisory Notices

Requests and Responses That You Should Not Implement

The Thrift server defition used to build your connector includes requests and responses that should not be implemented at present. These requests and responses manage unusual cases or uncommon data stores features. These requests and responses are mentioned in the relevant parts of this documentation set.

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Best Practices

Study your data store before you begin

Before you begin work, study your data source thoroughly. It may perform some types of query faster than others. Sometimes writing the same query differently changes performance drastically.

Distribute your connector's workload

You could program your connector to do lots of things. But you may be reinventing the wheel, though. Try to push all the work on the data store. If it is able to perform a task like high-cardinality sorting and limiting, let it. It is usually optimized and performs much better than your connector will.

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