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Data Source Reference Sheet

Each data connector has capabilities and limitations when connected to the Zoomdata Server. This reference sheet highlights those details. For more information about the unique capabilities for the various data connectors in Zoomdata, see the topic page for that particular data connector.

Data Source Enabled by Default Requires Other Action
Amazon Redshift No Install JDBC Driver
Amazon S3 No Separate download
Apache Drill No Separate download
Apache Phoenix 4.7 Yes No
Apache Solr Yes No
Aurora No Use MySQL connector
BigQuery No Separate download
Cassandra No Separate download
Cloudera Impala Yes No
Cloudera Search Yes No
Elastic Search 6.0 Yes No (as of 2.6.5)
Elastic Search 5.0 Yes No
Elastic Search 2.0 No Separate download (as of 2.6.5)
Flat File Yes PostgreSQL must be enabled
HDFS No Separate download
Hive on Tez Yes No
MemSQL No Install JDBC Driver
MongoDB Yes No
MySQL No Install JDBC Driver
Oracle No Install JDBC Driver
PostgreSQL Yes No
Real Time Sales No Must enable
Solr Yes No
Spark SQL Yes No
SQL Server Yes No (as of 2.6.5)
Teradata No Separate download and install JDBC Driver
Upload API Yes PostgreSQL must be enabled
Vertica No Separate download and install JDBC Driver

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