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ElasticSearch: Why am I encountering an "Unexpected Exception" error when trying to view my indices in the datasource connection?

This could be occurring because of an ElasticSearch configuration issue. Please check the following first:

  • The name of your indices do not include a "." (applies up to v1.5.5 and earlier)
  • There is network connectivity issues between the Zoomdata server and ElasticSearch cluster
  • The version of JVM on each node of the ElasticSearch cluster is not the same
  • Incorrect port is being used. Check your elasticsearch.yml configuration file that the correct port is being used. 9200 (HTTP) and 9300 (TCP) are default
  • JDBC-River plugin is being used to load data into your ElasticSearch. Workaround is to remove the JDBC-River plugin (or update the plugin to the latest version) after stopping all nodes on the ElasticSearch cluster and restarting ElasticSearch/Zoomdata servers (applies up to v1.5.5 and earlier)

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