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Even Time Intervals

Even Time Intervals allows you to include all time groupings from your data source on a dashboard that have time/date data. You can select whether you want to display all time data, or just the data that returns a value. By default, time groups with a value of NULL (groups without any data) are not displayed.

Even Time Interval grouping is only available on dashboards that use a data source with time/date.

How to apply Even Time Intervals

  1. Open a dashboard that uses a data source with time/date attributes.
  2. Click Group and select a Time attribute.

  3. On the dashboard, click the Time Granularity box.
  4. Check the box labeled Include Blanks . By default, the ability to show all values is disabled and only attributes with a value greater than NULL are displayed.

The dashboard updates to include all values from the data source.

If your dashboard is using a table-style chart such as a Pivot Table or Raw Data table, following the steps below:

  1. On your table chart, click the date/time row header.
  1. Under the Time attribute, click the unit of date. For example, Day .
  2. Check the bow labeled Include Blanks .

For more information about data and time, see How Zoomdata Handles Time .

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