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Filters and Time Bar Interaction

Using the filters and the time bar, you can examine your data in different dimensions. The purpose of this article is to explain the interaction between the filters, that you can configure using the Filters pane and the time filters applied on the time bar. Keep in mind that the filters applied from the Filters pane have higher priority than the filters from the time bar.

Consider the following example.

On a bar chart with the time bar enabled, you have to analyze the data from the Books Reading data source. You need to define the age of readers from selected countries that were most interested in a specific book that was published for a set time period.

  1. To get all readers who were born starting from 1982, on the Filters pane, configure the filter as follows:

  2. On the time bar, the Year of Publication attribute is visualized with the custom time period selected.

  3. Once the filter is applied on the Filters pane, the readers from the specified date range are displayed on the chart.

  4. On the time bar, change the time driven attribute to Reader: Date of Birth. If you open the Filter pane, the Reader: Date of Birth filter will not be displayed as it is applied on the time bar now.

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