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Generating the Basic Connector Interface

The Connector SDK describes a connector using Apache Thrift's interface description language in several different files. Each of these files descibes a different part of the connector that you will build. You must pass these files through the Apache Thrift compiler to build the unimplemented connector in the language of your choice.

Before You Begin

Before you begin to generate the connector interface, you must install Apache Thrift. Currently, Zoomdata supports Apache Thrift version 0.9.2.

Generating the Connector Interface

The following steps vary slightly depending on your particular environment setup and requirements. It will also vary depending upon the language in which you want to implement your connector. Typically, you will use a command like the following.

thrift -r --gen python connector.thrift

For more information about building the connector interface in your chosen language, refer to Apache Thrift's documentation.

After you have generated the connector interface in your desired language from the Thrift interface definition files, you can implement the connector interface.

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