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Getting Started with Microsoft Azure and Zoomdata

Microsoft Azure and Zoomdata

Welcome to your Zoomdata in Microsoft Azure platform!

Zoomdata is the Fastest Visual Analytics for Big Data which turns large data sets and streams into compelling, real-time and interactive charts. Zoomdata:

  • Is designed from scratch for big data – so you can explore billions of records in seconds
  • Offers interactive dashboards – so you can easily create, analyze and share your charts
  • Provides stream processing – so you can analyze real-time and historical data streams and visualize them together in one dashboard
  • Was developed with the user experience in mind – so you can create beautiful visualizations using an intuitive interface


  • Active Microsoft Azure account
  • Websocket supported browser (such as Google Chrome v29+)

When you are choosing the Microsoft Azure instance, keep in mind Zoomdata hardware recommendations to ensure enough cores and memory when using the app.

For any questions related to selecting and setting up a Microsoft Azure instance, please contact Azure support.


To start working with Zoomdata on Microsoft Azure, you need to create an account and select the required launch options. Perform the steps listed below to get started.

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Azure account.
  2. On Microsoft Azure Marketplace page, type Zoomdata in the search box.
  3. There are three options available. Select one of them:
  • BYOL (Bring Your Own License)
  • Trial - you can use your 30 days trial version of Zoomdata
In case you choose the trial version of Zoomdata, keep in mind that the cost for Azure instance is not covered.
  • Zoomdata Server
  1. Click Create to start the configuration process.
  2. On the Basics page, specify the server name, user name, select the authentication type: password or SSH public key.
    Depending on the selected authentication type, specify either password or SSH public key.
    Select the subscription, specify the name of the resource group or select the existing one.
  3. Select the virtual machine size. Zoomdata recommends at least 4 cores and 8GB RAM. Click Select.
  4. Change the store settings if required. Click OK.
  5. Check the summary of your settings on the corresponding page. Click OK.
  6. On the Purchase page, click Purchase.

    After this, your server will be activated.
  7. Click the created server to get the IP address:
  8. Copy the IP address of your server. You can access Zoomdata at http://ip_address:8080/zoomdata. Replace ip_address with the IP address of your server. You may get a warning message, that the connection is not private. In this case, just click Proceed.
    Now you can log in and use Zoomdata!
    The default username to log into Zoomdata is admin. The default password is the instance ID but you should be prompted on first login to set the credentials.

If you run into issues while setting up a Microsoft Azure instance, please contact Azure support.


Access the Quick Start Reference Sheet for Admins to learn about the administrative features and functions available to you.

Access the Quick Start Reference Sheet for Users to learn how to create charts and build dashboards and to discover cool tools available to you.

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