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Importing a Library to Zoomdata

When you build or import a custom chart using Zoomdata's Chart Studio, Zoomdata's modular architecture makes it possible for you to use external libraries. Zoomdata is equipped with some common libraries ready to import. Additionally, you can import other JavaScript libraries. This document explains the steps to import a library into Zoomdata. For steps to include a JavaScript library that already comes with with Zoomdata, see Including a Library in Your Chart .

To import a library to Zoomdata:

  1. While editing a chart in Chart Studio, select Manage .
  2. Select Libraries .
    The Manage Libraries dialog opens.
  3. Select +Add .

    The Upload Library dialog opens.
  4. Select Choose File and select the file that you want to upload.
  5. Select Upload .
  6. Provide a name for the file. This name describes how the library will be identified within Zoomdata.
  7. Select Accept to confirm your choices.

After you upload your library, it will be available for inclusion in your chart. See Including a Library in Your Chart for more information.

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