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The KPI chart type is based on two metrics: Primary Metric and a Comparison Metric (by default is set to NONE). This chart type allows you to visualize the results of comparing the metrics and show positive or negative dynamics.

This chart type is supported by all data sources.


On the Charts page (for your selected data source), under the Standard tab, select KPI :

  1. Configure the metrics as follows:
    • Metric - select the metric to be visualized.
    • Comparison metric - select the metric that you want to compare with the primary metric (selected from the Metric list). Keep in mind that this option is not required, so you can select the NONE value if needed.
You can also select the aggregation functions for the metrics from the list.
  1. Specify the chart name and add the description if required.
  2. Configure the color settings:

    • Up arrow color / Down arrow color
    • Data color
    • Label color
    • Background color
  1. Click Save .


To view your chart, do the following:

  1. Click the menu icon.
  2. Click Data Sources and select the required data source.
  3. Select KPI . The chart is displayed.
  4. To specify a comparison mode for the metrics, click Chart style on the left rail menu and then click Settings .

In the Settings section, you can configure the following options:
Comparison mode:

  • Value
  • Percentage - select this option if you want to view the compared values as a percentage

Options - select the checkboxes near the required options if you want them to be displayed on the chart.

  • Comparison Metric
  • Variance
  • Arrow Indicators

You can now explore and interact with your data set.

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