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Linking a Dashboard

While working with your dashboard, you may need to analyze data from other dashboards. You can link a chart from your source dashboard to another (target) dashboard or chart. This allows you to quickly access other dashboards with related information. In order to be able to link dashboards, you need to have permissions to share and link dashboards. When linking one dashboard to another, you can elect to have the target dashboard inherit the filters from the source dashboard. For more information, watch the video below.

To link a chart to a dashboard

  1. On the source dashboard, select the Link button.
  2. In the Dashboard Links dialog box, select a chart that you want to link. By default, Inherit Chart Filter is on, meaning that the dashboard passes its filters over to the select dashboard. If you do not the filters from the dashboard carried over, toggle off Inherit Chart Filter.
  1. Select Choose a dashboard and select the desired dashboard from the list.
  2. Close the dialog box. On the chart that you have linked to a dashboard, a link icon is displayed:
  3. You can also navigate to the linked dashboard directly through the Radial Menu.
  4. Save the dashboard.

To open a linked dashboard

To navigate to the linked (target) dashboard, select the Link icon or open the linked dashboard through the Radial Menu. If you hover over the icon, the name of the target dashboard is displayed.

To delete a dashboard link

  1. On the dashboard, select the Link button.
  2. In the Dashboard Links dialog box, choose the chart and select the Delete button.

While deleting a dashboard, you have to remove all links first.

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