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Zoomdata Release Vehicles and Licensing Management


Zoomdata offers multiple release vehicles to suit the varying needs of its customer base. Some customers want faster, more incremental access to new features while others value invariability and feature predictability more than a new feature set. Read below to understand the differences between our long-term supported release and rapid release models, to help you choose the one which is right for you. In addition, follow the steps below to obtain a license appropriate for your release of choice from our support team.


With the release of version 2.6 in October 2017, Zoomdata changed the cadence of releases to provide new functionality faster in a rapid release model, offering new features and updates to current functionality every four weeks. Zoomdata version 2.5 was made the first long-term supported (LTS) version, for those customers who wished to upgrade to get new features infrequently and rather preferred a stable set of functionality with the ability to get maintenance and security patches.

In April 2018, after 6 rapid releases of new features and updates (see 2.6 release notes), Zoomdata version 2.6 became the new LTS version of Zoomdata. Zoomdata will continue to support version 2.5 until it reaches end-of-life support on August 1, 2018.

Beginning in May 2018, Zoomdata introduced a new line of rapid releases starting with Zoomdata 3.0.

LTS Release (currently Zoomdata version 2.6)

Our LTS version receives stability updates and maintenance patches every two weeks until its end-of-life date. This allows you to use a predictable version of Zoomdata, while offering fixes and security patches as needed. If you don’t have the ability to upgrade your environment on a frequent basis or have centered use cases around embedding, we recommend selecting version 2.6. In terms of documentation, the content for version 2.6 will always be up to date with the latest patch release. If there are changes to existing functionality or work-arounds you need to be aware of, you can find the information you need in our release notes.

Rapid Release (currently Zoomdata version 3)

The newest addition to the Zoomdata family, version 3, will follow a rapid release cadence. With this release model, we offer new functionality and updates every four weeks. If you are looking to continually expand your business value and have the ability to upgrade your environment frequently, we recommend selecting version 3. Our rapid release model includes new features, updates to existing functionality, and maintenance patches all rolled into one release.

Zoomdata version 2.5

April 10, 2018 marked the one year anniversary of the release of Zoomdata 2.5. With a year’s worth of new product features, improvements and updates in Zoomdata 2.6, it was time to provide a new LTS release for our customers who upgrade infrequently so they can use the latest set of capabilities. Hence, Zoomdata 2.5 is now retired in favor of version 2.6 as the new LTS release. Zoomdata 2.5 will continue to be supported until it reaches its end-of-life on August 1, 2018. During this period, Zoomdata will only provide critical patches and security updates for version 2.5.

Requesting a New License Key

Zoomdata notifies you when your license key is about to expire. Before reaching out to Application Support to request a new license key, you need to do the following:

  1. In the environment for you which you need a new license key, log in as a Supervisor.
  2. Under the Supervisor tab, select License.
  3. Copy your current Zoomdata instance ID.
  4. When emailing Application Support to ask for a new license key, be sure to include your Zoomdata version and current Zoomdata instance ID.

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