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Managing Licensing for your Environment

With the release of version 2.6, Zoomdata is changing the cadence of releases to provide new functionality faster. Zoomdata version 2.5 has become our long-term supported (LTS) version, for those customers who will upgrade to get new features infrequently and rather prefer a stable set of functionality with the ability to get maintenance and security patches.

Version 2.6 is our rapid release model, offering new features and updates to current functionality every four weeks.

If you are looking to request a new license key from Application Support, follow the steps below.

Zoomdata version 2.5

Our LTS version receives stability updates and maintenance patches every two weeks until its end-of-life date. This allows you to use a predictable version of Zoomdata, while offering fixes and security patches as needed. If you don’t have the ability to upgrade your environment on a frequent basis or have centered use cases around embedding, we recommend selecting version 2.5. In terms of documentation, the content for version 2.5 will always be up to date with the latest patch release. If there are changes to existing functionality or work-arounds you need to be aware of, you can find the information you need in our release notes.

Zoomdata version 2.6

The newest addition to the Zoomdata family, version 2.6, follows a rapid release cadence. This means that we are offering new functionality and updates every four weeks. If you are looking to continually expand your business value and have the ability to upgrade your environment frequently, we recommend selecting version 2.6. Our rapid release model includes new features, updates to existing functionality, and maintenance patches all rolled into one release. The documentation for version 2.6 will always reflect the latest version. Be aware that if you don’t upgrade to every version within this cadence, there may be gaps between what you have in your environment and what’s reflected in our 2.6 documentation. To stay abreast of all the changes for each new release, read through the release notes.

Requesting a New License Key

Zoomdata notifies you when your license key is about to expire. Before reaching out to Application Support to request a new license key, you need to do the following:

  1. In the environment for you which you need a new license key, log in as a Supervisor.
  2. Under the Supervisor tab, select License.
  3. Copy your current Zoomdata instance ID.
  4. When emailing Application Support to ask for a new license key, be sure to include your current Zoomdata instance ID.


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