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Address Zoomdata Docker Container Failing to Restart Correctly

This article applies to Zoomdata version: 2.2 and earlier.
A Docker option is not available for Zoomdata v2.3


Zoomdata Docker container fails to restart correctly.


This problem has been experienced when restarting a Zoomdata quickstart installation container in a Docker environment when using Docker's Kitematic client. When restarting the container, the Zoomdata server fails to complete initiation and if you attempt to point a browser to it, you receive an HTTP Status 404 message.

Possible Causes and Solutions

Docker's Kitematic client does not always shut down Zoomdata's quickstart container gracefully. This problem may also apply to Zoomdata quickstart containers cloned with Kitematic even when managed outside the Kitematic environment. Zoomdata uses a MongoDB instance to maintain its internal data. A dirty shutdown may leave MongoDB's lock file in place, blocking access to the database when the container is restarted. To resolve this problem, you must complete the following steps each time you restart the Docker container.

  1. Launch Kitematic, select the container, and start it as usual.
  2. Select the Docker container's EXEC button to open its command line.
  3. Enter the following command to remove MondoDB's lock file. < br/>
    rm -rf mongodb/db/mongod.lock
  4. Select the Docker container's RESTART button.

If your problem was caused by MongoDB's leftover lock file, after completing the steps above and after the container has finished restarting, you can access the container's Zoomdata server using its web preview function or its IP address.

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