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Why am I unable to recreate users that previously existed but were deleted?


Users may notice that if they delete an user via the Admin user, they are not able to recreate users with the same username.


This happens when you delete users when logged in as Admin user. This does not completely remove the user from the system.


If you try to remove user by Admin from Users tab in account, it's not removed from the system, but ''de-assigned' from account. This is done in order not to kill the user who's assigned to several accounts by a person who has no authority to see other accounts. So, actually a user stays in the system and you cannot create it once again, but you can assign it back into account by logging in as S upervisor.

More information can be found in our Managing Users article under 'Deleting a User from Zoomdata' and 'Removing a User from a Zoomdata Account' sections.

How to completely delete users

Log in as S upervisor and go to Users and Groups, and delete the user from here - User should be removed from the system completely.

And now you should be able to recreate another user with same username.

TLDR: To completely delete users from the system with the ability to recreate later with same username, delete users under Supervisor login.

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