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Why do my charts and dashboards not revert to the original default icons used by Zoomdata after disabling the screenshot feature?

The screenshot feature can be enabled in Zoomdata using these instructions for CentOS and Ubuntu . However, users might notice that even after disabling the screenshot feature, Zoomdata will continue to use existing screenshot images and not automatically revert back to the original default icons for charts/dashboards used by Zoomdata after installation. In order to revert the icons used by Zoomdata for the charts/dashboards before originally enabling the screenshot functionality, the user needs to delete all the screenshots in the metadata directly. The original chart and dashboard icons should look something like this:

To do this in MongoDB, run the following commands:

use zoom;
Use the "mongo" command to access the mongo shell through the Linux command line.
Make sure to disable the screenshot functionality as well via the zoomdata.conf/zoomdata.properties and restart the Zoomdata service for the changes to take effect.

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